7 Simple Bathroom Design Upgrades

Jul 24, 2018

Simple Bathroom Design Upgrades

Not every bathroom remodel justifies a complete overhaul. In fact, more often than not, a bathroom is one or two upgrades away from transforming from average to above average in style and quality. Consider the following bathroom features as potential upgrades. Maybe your bathroom could use a handful of them, or maybe you just need one. We’ll let you be the judge…

Floating Vanity

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Typically, a bathroom vanity is anchored to the ground. Though, atypically, it’s not. More and more homeowners are buying into floating vanities for bathroom design. Floating vanities are attached to the wall only. This creates a space between the floor and the vanity. The difference in appearance is subtle, but effective. Not only does a floating vanity present a unique look, but it also opens up space. Any little amount of space opened up in a Denton, TX bathroom is beneficial to its overall look, as bathrooms are customarily cramped.

Frameless Glass Shower

Frameless glass showers offer an infinite look to a bathroom design. This particular shower style creates a feeling of a larger, more breathable space. Plus, a frameless glass shower looks luxurious. No tub/shower combination, no shower curtain…it’s a mature, stylish look for your bathroom. The shower is one of the primary features of a bathroom; therefore, the chance to modernize it is one that should be taken.

A seat for your shower

Continuing with the bathroom shower ideas, how about adding a bench to your shower? Yes, you can sit on it; it’s not just there for looks. A shower bench is also a convenient place for you to put shampoos, conditioners, etc. As long as it matches the tone of the rest of the bathroom, it can be a very nice look. Add a bench to a frameless glass shower and you will feel there is almost too much space.

Freestanding Tub

If you are not a shower person then perhaps a freestanding tub would suit your style. This is somewhat of a dangerous look as the tub’s surroundings really need to be modern in order to make it work. Plus, a need for space is key. But, imagine a freestanding, ergonomic tub sitting atop a marble floor and in the middle of a bathroom with dimmed lights. Seems like a place you wouldn’t mind relieving some stress, huh?

Natural Light

Bathroom Remodeling FeaturedHere is an upgrade in which you don’t have to rearrange any furniture. Try adding a window or a skylight to your bathroom. Natural light creates the illusion of added space. When only hard walls and ceilings exist, a sense of confinement is given off. One skylight can make a world of a difference in opening up your bathroom.

Spa-Like Shower

The versatility of shower sprayers is quite remarkable these days. Handheld sprayers, duel showerheads, slide bars to adjust shower heads…you have every opportunity to create a spa-like atmosphere in your home shower. Updated showers heads are both luxurious and functional. Showering will be made simpler and more comforting with this bathroom design upgrade.

Contrasting Colors

You can do a lot with paint. Offsetting a white tub, white sink, white toilet and white shower walls with black cabinetry or gray walls can lead to a vast improvement in bathroom appeal. Or perhaps dark blue walls will modernize your bathroom. You can play around with different colors of paint before deciding on the one or two that will improve its look. A new paint job is a very affordable alternative to tearing down the entire bathroom and starting from scratch.

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