7 Creative Bathroom Shower Ideas

Jul 12, 2018

Bathroom Shower Ideas

It’s safe to say bathrooms are an underrated home design feature. While they are not the most commonly seen rooms, there is something about an elegantly designed bathroom that blows people away. Bathrooms are fun to design because there are so many customizable features. Showers, for example, offer many creative options to enhance a bathroom’s appeal. Consider these 7 bathroom shower ideas for your bathroom:

Add character with stone mosaic walls

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There are two ends to the spectrum when it comes to showers. You can either go with the standout option or the blend in option. If you are one for who likes the standout route, you should consider mosaic walls. Appeal options are bottomless with mosaics. Different colors, different designs, different sized tiles…you can find so many ways to grab people’s attention with mosaic designs. You can even mix the look with porcelain tiles or stone tiles on the wall.

Do you even need a shower door?

What’s the point of a shower door, really? Just to keep water from getting out? Other than that, there isn’t much to it. Envision an open shower. You have two walls and one divider to divide the shower area and the rest of the bathroom. You get the freedom of open space and as long as the shower base is wide enough, water will not seep onto your bathroom floor. Open showers are becoming more and more common in today’s bathroom modernization.

Or maybe you want two shower doors?

Who says shower doors are unnecessary??? Maybe your shower should have two doors. If you have the space, a two-door shower can look very fancy. Glass pane shower doors with metal handles will immediately giver your bathroom and luxurious feel and look. You can get creative with the door handles too. Perhaps and two-foot narrow metal handle will suffice as the modern look you are searching for.

Let natural light overcome your shower

Natural light makes space seem ampler. Therefore, it’s perfect for tiny, confined spaces such as showers. If you are able, have a window installed in the shower stall. You will benefit from a more spacious feel and an improved view. If logistics prevent a shower window from being installed, consider installing a skylight. A skylight will serve the same purpose, only it will offer a different view. Natural light is one of the simplest of the bathroom shower ideas.

Get creative with internal shower parts

Shower walls and floors are very impactful to an overall bathroom appeal. However, the inside of a shower can offer appeal as well. You can get creative with different types of shelving. Shelves can be added to walls or built in to walls. You can add a ledge or a bench to the shower for storage and relaxation purposes. You can also creative with showerheads. The traditional wall-mounted showerhead is no longer the only option. Rather, rain-shower showerheads and handheld showerheads are gaining popularity in modern homes. Maybe you could even create a spa-like atmosphere by having all three types of showerheads installed in your shower…

You can’t go wrong with a glass-enclosed shower

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One thing is for sure, glass-enclosed showers are your safest bet to an appealing shower. Not tinted glass, but clear glass. Clear glass creates the deception that the shower isn’t even there, making it seem as if the bathroom is more spacious than it actually is. Tubs and shower curtains do not compare to glass-enclosed showers.

Consider a round shower for a smaller bathroom

Not all bathroom ideas are for master bathrooms. Perhaps you have a small guest bathroom that you would like to improve the look of. The biggest issues with small bathrooms is of course they can feel crammed. So, the idea is to find ways to make them feel less crammed. We’ve already covered a few ways—windows and skylights—to accomplish the deception of more space. But what about literally making a bathroom bigger by making a specific bathroom part smaller?

Rounded showers will do the trick. Especially if the shower is part of a corner, it’s a productive move to change a rectangular-shaped shower into a semicircle. It will maximize space and it will give the bathroom a unique touch.

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