Best material for a privacy fence

Most of us like privacy. We spend so much time out and about and around tons of people that it’s such a relief once we arrive to our closed quarters, also known as home. Homes are secluded, uninterrupted places by design. Home is where you go to escape the rush of the world.

Your backyard is part of your home. Perhaps you like to relax in your backyard after a long work week or maybe you have children that love to play in the backyard. When you and your children are enjoying the backyard space, you probably don’t want an outside audience or any unwanted distractions. Thus, you need a strongly built fence that gives you the privacy you desire.

There are three components to a privacy fence: thickness, height, and material. Here are your top fence options that consist of all three components:


Old reliable wood fencing is a great privacy candidate. Today’s wooden fences are built very sturdily. Most will be installed with at least two rails for support to keep the actual fencing in place and inseparable. There will be tiny spices between planks; however, someone would really have to be trying hard to peak through if they wanted to see between the planks. A solution to this is to have a wooden fence installed in which the planks overlap. This way there will be zero peaking space.

Also, wooden fences are generally built to be tall. A fence in the range of 8-12 feet high will give you the closure that you need. After all, a privacy fence is as much about you feeling at peace as it is keeping your area private.


If you are looking for a more stylish privacy fence then bamboo is a good option. Bamboo is extremely strong and durable. It would take the impact of a car to penetrate a bamboo fence (hopefully that never happens to your fence). Bamboo fencing is unique and therefore uncommon throughout a traditional suburb. With that being said, it succeeds in keeping a backyard space private. No one will be able to see through a bamboo fence, and you can have it built at whatever height you prefer.

This type of fence will certainly be costlier than a traditional wooden fence; however, bamboo fencing has many perks, one of which is absolute privacy.


Brick and stone fencing speak for themselves. These types of fences are thick and strong. It is impossible to see through brick or stone fencing. They’re even thick enough to where they will lessen exterior sounds. These two fences are uncommon as well, but they stand as the best privacy fences. You can also find creative ways to make brick or stone fencing appealing and suitable for your home.

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