Denton, TX bathroom remodeling

May 9, 2018

Bathroom remodeling

A bathroom is too common of a space to be found unappealing. Unfortunately, that is often the case. Of all the rooms within a home, bathrooms are often the last to undergo remodels. Homeowners think because they are not open spaces then they are not worthy of a new look. Though, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bathroom that you actually admire and enjoy being in? Plus, you have to keep the bathroom up to date with the rest of your home. Think about all you can do to improve your bathroom.


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Fort Worth Tx Sharing E1525375633841A simple paint job can make a big difference to your bathroom scene. Especially if your bathroom is still rocking wallpaper, it’s time for a change. Certain colors can create the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. This theory applies to lighter colors, such as light grey or beige.  A new paint job can be accomplished in a single day. Wall color is the difference between an ordinary bathroom and an inviting bathroom.


If you want to create a true focal point in your bathroom then upgraded countertops will do the trick. Natural stone countertops will stand out more than any other. The beauty of countertop materials like granite and quartz will undoubtedly advance the look of your bathroom. You do have to consider certain environmental factors before committing to a countertop choice. For example, moisture can factor into the durability and quality of certain materials. Granite would need to be sealed in order to protect against moisture, while quartz should withstand it even without a sealant. Other natural stone countertop materials are a little riskier in terms of water acceptance.


Do you need a bathtub and a shower in your bathroom? A lot of people don’t use bathtubs, so why allow one to take up space? You can remove your bathtub to create a bigger room or you can replace it with a makeup station or a ledge. As for the shower, upgraded tiling is great for bathroom remodeling. Showers are protected by glass doors; therefore, you want what’s behind the doors to have an appeal.

What else?

Floors, fixtures, cabinets, floor mats…the bathroom remodeling options go on and on. Denton, TX bathroom remodeling can transition your bathroom from outdated to ahead of the game. You can execute a minor remodel; however, one change often requires additional changes for matching purposes. Daka Construction and Remodeling can give you bathroom the look that you have been desiring.

If you’re looking for added benefit, think about the influence Denton, TX bathroom remodeling can have on your home’s value. Someday, you may move on from your current home. If/when that day comes, you’d certainly want to sell your house for as much as possible. A bathroom recreation has the potential to add a four-digit amount to your home’s value.

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