5 Advantages of Using a General Contractor

Mar 22, 2018

Why handle a project on your own when you can hire a professional General Contractor?

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We all approach big projects differently. Some of us defer to others to complete a project, some of us will handle part of a project, while getting help on the rest of it, and some of us like to complete the project entirely on our own. Those of us with the “do it myself” mentality are often at a disadvantage. Reason being, handling a task by your lonesome can be time-consuming and it can be a headache. Unless you are an expert on the task at hand, it would be a good idea to seek out a general contractor. This benefits major projects such as land development, land clearing, fence work, or even lawn care. What are the advantages to using a general contractor?

Reliable work

Even if you are moderately knowledgeable about your intended project, it is not good enough. Why place false faith in yourself and risk the job when you could hire someone knowledgeable and experienced to do the job right. A general contractor has specified skills. They handle projects similar or identical to yours for a living. Therefore, they are extremely reliable. General contractors are prepared for the needed work and they will be able to complete a job timely. We’re all busy people, it’s much easier to pay a professional to complete a project timely and accurately as opposed to attempting to complete it on your own.

A General Contractor makes sure it is done right

General contractors appreciate their customers. They are not part of a major brand, nor are they part of a giant network of employees. They do not have multiple projects going on at once, rather, just one at a time. Thus, general contractors place their full focus on the customer in front of them. Customers are treated with urgency. Contractors are aware of the influence word of mouth has on their business, therefore, they will prioritize their customers and ensure their assigned project is completed properly.

The benefit of warranty/insurance

Working on your own has many potential pitfalls. Mistakes can happen, and if one does happen, it is nice to have warranty and/or insurance in place. If you handle a project on your own then you will either have to fix any mistakes on your own, or you will have to purchase insurance on your own. If you hire a general contractor then you won’t have to worry about these pitfalls. General contractors should always carry insurance, and many of them offer a warranty for their work. Make sure you verify insurance when you do hire a general contractor.

Future relationships

A general contractor’s reliance on word of mouth can help the customer as well.  General contractors typically have general contracting friends. Say for instance you hired a contractor to build your fence. They did a great job and went on their way, but a few months later, you realize you now need help with landscaping your yard in which the fence surrounds. You can ask the same contractor that built your fence and they could do it. If not, it is very likely they know another contractor that can help you out. General contractors are like your family auto mechanic–reliable, insightful, and helpful.

Save money in the long run

Simply put, if you attempt to complete a major project on your own, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to mistakes. Mistakes can be costly. You may have to redo part of the project or maybe even the entire project. This converts to additional time and supplies. Hiring a professional to do the work will significantly lower the risk of mistakes. General contractors bring their own tools and supplies. They charge you for their work; however, the work that they do will be done in completion and in precision.

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