How to build an outdoor living room

Apr 26, 2018

How to build an outdoor living room

Building an outdoor living room

Everyone has that vision of lounging on an outdoor patio during a gorgeous 75-degree spring day. Whether you’re watching TV, grilling burgers, or simply enjoying nature’s happenings, an outdoor living room can be the perfect addition to a home. This particular area is not all that difficult to construct. In fact, the composition of an outdoor living room can get the creative juices flowing and really turn out to be a fun project. Here are some ideas for creating your outdoor living room:

Build protection, but consider look as well

The primary aspect of an outdoor living room is the roof, or overhead protector. If you want to maximize the time spent in this unique area, make sure it’s protected from the elements. You can build a gazebo, an awning, or an attachment roof to your house.  Just make sure rain can’t get through, at least not to the integral parts of the living space. Also, make sure the protection can stand up against heavy winds. This applies primarily to an awning.

Brick pillars or wood pillars can create a modern look in keeping the overhead secure and intact. The picture on the right is an example of a simple, but elegant looking cover. It protects the area, while also giving it a nice look.

Outdoor Flooring

What flooring should the pillars sprout from? Ideally, some type of outdoor wood would be a great option for your outdoor living room. Something that can handle rain and natural wear. For example, maple or oak flooring would do the trick. These wood types come in unique shades and stains, creating a cozy, outdoorsy feel.

If not wood, brick or tile are additional choices. A brick lay will blend nicely with any outdoor concept. It will also last practically forever and show very little signs of wear. Tile is most modern of looks. Perhaps granite or quartz tiling would be the best fit. Each will stand up against the conditions and create a unique and enviable look.


An outdoor living room will give you the opportunity to install outdoor fixtures in an area which symbolizes an indoor living space. You can place light fixtures all throughout, illuminating the space however you like. Avoid the annoying florescent light from the kitchen and step outside to a comfortably lit living room. You can even install a ceiling fan. All sorts of outdoor ceiling fans are available. Actually, outdoor ceiling fans have become somewhat of a staple point for outside living spaces.

Filling the space

You’ve constructed the outdoor living room, now you get to fill it. This is the part where you give the room character. Couches, chairs, rugs…make the space how you want it. Just make sure the objects you fill it with are capable of withstanding rain, wind, and varying temperatures. Again, the furniture should be covered, so just ensure it can hold up against the occasional mist or sideways rain.

In addition, you can install that awesome 55’’ TV, add wall art, plants, string the area with outdoor lights, or whatever else you have in mind. The best part about an outdoor living room is turning it into a getaway space that you are proud of and excited to lounge in. You can consider an outdoor living room the basement of the south–a space that can be customized and fun to hang out in.

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