Space Saving Tips for Small Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. It’s where people catch up while cooking, and you want to have enough room for everything. If you ever notice that your kitchen gets crowded at times, you might simply need a kitchen makeover to give you and your loved ones more room. Here are a couple of things that you can do to make your kitchen larger.

1. Add storage to the walls

Sure, empty walls could hold a painting or the kids’ artwork. However, if you remove the painting, you have room to add wall-mounts that can carry extra items. Consider getting S-hooks and a magnetic knife rack. You can even store things on top of the refrigerator or get ceiling racks to save room!

2. Put things into storage Do you need everything you have in your kitchen? If you have several sets of pots and pans and dishes or duplicate appliances, put them into storage and get them out of the way!

3. Pullout pantry Pullout pantries are a great way to have room to store your canned food without all of the space of a traditional pantry. If you already have a traditional pantry, call a kitchen remodeling company in Denton. They can transfer your pantry into more counter space or whatever you need with plenty of room for a pullout pantry.

4. Island made for storage Look for islands with a lot of storage space. You have much more space for people to move around when you can store everything compactly. Plus, a new island could add an extra flair of style to your kitchen.

5. Use small accessories A lot of accessories can be large and bulky. If you have a big coffee maker or toaster oven, get rid of it all together or replace it with something smaller. The top of the fridge is a good place for appliances that you don’t use very often. You should also talk to your kitchen remodeling company in Denton to ask about refrigerators that match up with your cabinets to give you as much space as possible.

6. Get cabinets all the way up to the ceiling Even if you’re short and won’t be able to reach them, the more storage you have, the more counter space you will have. During your kitchen makeover, build cabinets as high as possible. Keep the things that you won’t use as often in the top shelves and just be sure to keep a small step stool handy for when you need those items. You can even utilize the sides of cabinets to hang items.

7. Consider a lazy susan corner cabinet You can save a lot of space by installing a lazy susan cabinet and storing a lot of items in a limited amount of space. A lazy susan is a cabinet with rotating shelves. This is particularly useful in corner cabinets which can be awkward.

You don’t have to be crowded in your kitchen. Simply let Daka Construction build a kitchen makeover with an emphasis on giving you more room.

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