Wood Floor Repair


Reasons You May Urgently Require Wood Floor Repair Services

Timber remains one of the popular materials used in flooring construction. Nonetheless, if your wood floor is located in high traffic areas, it is bound to succumb to wear and tear. This wearing down does not only detract from the aesthetics of the flooring, but you could also find that your timber floor is not as functional as it used to be. It would be prudent to seek repair services Fort Worth TX to restore the original luster of your flooring, which would also prolong its shelf life. Below are some of the reasons why you may need to hire wood floor repair services.

Gaps in your wood floor

Timber flooring is prone to movement. This susceptibility to the development of gaps is why you should always hire professional floor services Fort Worth TX to ensure that the boards stay in place, even when the weather is humid and the temperatures erratic. If your flooring is expanding and contracting on a regular basis, you will begin to notice abnormal gaps forming between the floorboards, which would disrupt the overall appearance. To fix these gaps, patches made from slivers of wood that have been glued together are used to fill the spaces. Do not make the mistake of using wood filler, as this will not provide you with a permanent solution to the problem.

Cupping of the Floor Boards

Cupping is another common cause for timber floor repairs that you may have to consider. This type of damage tends to occur when the timber flooring has been installed right over an area exposed to moisture such as a crawlspace or a basement. Over time, the moisture seeps into the bottom of the floorboards, and this causes the top edges to curl inward. If the cupping is minor, you could get away with having the floor edges sanded down by professional technicians. However, if the damage is extensive, you may have to resort to replacing the affected floorboards. Once you have had cupping fixed, it is prudent to invest in a vapor retarder. This barrier functions to decrease the rate at which moisture travels from the sub-floor and into your timber floorboards.

Buckling of the Floor Boards

Another form of damage that would require immediate attention is buckling of your timber floorboards. Buckling is also caused by excessive moisture exposure but can also happen if the floorboards were not properly acclimated before they were installed. At the onset, buckling may seem like a minor aesthetic issue, but in reality, it can become a serious problem if left unchecked as the buckling progresses, the floorboards begin to lift off the sub-floor and can displace trimming from your walls, door frames and more. Not to mention that your floor can become a safety hazard especially if nails were used to secure the boards onto the sub-floor. Although minor buckling can be fixed by refastening the floorboards, chances are the problem will occur if the moisture problem is not dealt with. Therefore, it would be essential first to tackle the cause of the buckling and then have your timber floor repaired.

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